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Why heated rails?

In the frequent and long freezing period , any surface covered by ice are easily exposed to the air . For example Alstom subway system , due to the snow-covered surface of the running track , reducing the friction between the rubber wheels and tracks , thus impeding the train control . To avoid such problems encountered by the railway in the winter , we recommend heating the rail system to prevent the formation of frost and thus keep the railway open.
Chongqing Fu, Ltd. to provide you with the most complete rail electric heating system solutions.To ensure that the environment in the snow still maintain safe and smooth rail transport, Chongqing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. as a blessing in Hamilton long-term strategic partner, committed to providing the best possible electric heating system solutions . EL- tracks we use with tropical and assembly systems can provide powerful heating performance in the shortest possible time, to prevent frost covering the tracks , frost can solve all problems encountered in rail transport , avoid runaway train caused due catastrophic accident.
Chongqing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Fu in the use of advanced technology and testing equipment and scientific management methods , providing rail electric heating system installation , commissioning, maintenance and other train services , with a safe , short duration, speed and quickness .


① no additional power supply points , the maximum length of the loop can be as large 1150 m .
② entire uniform heat distribution along the railway line , with tropical voltage we provide to 0 %.
③ low voltage will not damage or risk of a partial region of the cold zone.
④ efficient thermal conductivity
⑤ insulated so that heat flows directly track jacket
⑥ with tropical good contact with the rails , as with tropical special flat shape and a hard shell and a steel spring .
These means that compared to other typical elliptical cross-section and a smaller size with tropical shunt , Ltd. Ch,we provid EL-Rail system which consume less energy , hence to achieve a higher surface temperature of the tracks . In addition to the above advantages , we provide the  EL-Rail system tracks which has the following advantages:EL-Rail system
① no need to consider the impact of current startup . No special measurements.
② fluoropolymer electrically insulating layer provides superior temperature tolerance and patience unmatched flexibility , thus providing extra security at the peak voltage (EL-Rail with tropical plants by the 20000V spark test ) .
③ additional thermal protection devices
④ convenience to use shrapnel clamp assembly can be used for each rail systems.
⑤ low operating costs:
⑥ requires a smaller number of distribution boxes, cable junction boxes

⑦ provide addition protection on the rail track.

⑧ All materials have excellent mechanical properties , suitable for high-load environment , and anti-oil , ethylene glycol , herbicides and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Fluoropolymer insulation provides additional security for the acidic corrosive media .

Technical Analysis

If rail electric heating system, we recommend:
By the following means to make the tracks wound with tropical kept to a minimum the number of:
① Select the highest power output from homemade products with tropical
② Select the appropriate installation location to maximize efficiency
③ to ensure maximum heat transfer rails
Using the best homemade products provide maximum heating power supply circuits to reduce the number of points, with tropical reduce the number of connections and terminations.

Technical Parameters

Use can be cut to any length with tropical constant power type

(width x height of about 16x7mm, the distance between the

shock is approximately 500mm)

You can use up to 750V from 50V to different voltage levels

(other voltages are available)

GRP fiberglass insulated cover (width x height of about

40x11mm, length of about 2m)

Stainless steel retaining clip
Cover can support two tracer

The output power from 120W / m (single tracer)

up to about 300W / m (dual tracer)

All components are resistant to UV, oil, grease,

herbicides and de-icing fluid

Optional: Give preloaded with tropical or cold wire cable plug

Compared to common switching point heating system track,

the system is very efficient heating