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    Electric heating system features described

        Electric heating system is accompanied by a suitable electrical and thermal insulation materials made through the design , matching the relevant electrical requirements , after the composition of the overall installation and commissioning of electric heating systems. Electric heating primary control parameters for the selected power , to maintain the highest temperature , maximum temperature , maximum surface temperature of the electrothermal conversion factor , temperature coefficient of resistivity , thermal stability properties.
    Electric heating system installation points:
        1 .electric heating system General Specifications :
         ( 1 )  heating cable installation project shall meet the following conditions prior to construction : design drawings ; equipment , pipeline installation , welding , pressure and corrosion process of completing the handover procedures ; construction machinery , construction forces , to ensure the normal construction ; construction site, construction materials, electricity, materials storage site temporary facilities , to meet the construction needs .
        ( 2 ) Before heating cable construction , should be aware of the building structure , familiar with the design drawings. Construction program and with other measures of the public. Installation personnel should be familiar with the general performance of heating cable , grasp the basic operating points and processes , blind construction is prohibited .
        ( 3 ) heating cable construction environment temperature should not be lower than -5 ℃.
        ( 4 ) pre- heating cable installation, respond to the appearance of band and model dimensions carefully checked checked .
        2 . installation of electric heating cables should not be hit hard when folded or long drag on the ground . First encounter sharp edges or to the mat foil tape sharp polished smooth to prevent the heating cable outer insulation cut .
        3.the heating cable minimum bend radius shall not be less than the specified value manufacturers in the sample .
        4.the band should be close to the equipment, pipe surface to facilitate heat conduction. When installed, first clear the band via at oil, water or other filth . The best scrub with gasoline or other organic solvents. At regular intervals ( see manufacturers samples provisions ) apply foil tape band radial fixed , then the band 's full-length all covered foil tape to ensure the band 's security , while ensuring that the pipe surface and the band kept closely.
        5 .when installing heating cable accessories , band should leave some margin. In the first power supply line and the end point of each set aside 1m long , each end of the two-way and three-way parts of the reserve 0.5m headroom for the next overhaul reused.
        6.self-limiting temperature heating cable can be cut to allow stacked around the cross .
        7.the band should have a distribution system overload , short circuit and leakage protection .
        8. with the installation of a hot spot , a measure insulation. The shield must be grounded, insulation value can not be less than 50MΩ/1000V. Insulation construction should be installed in the band , and can be carried out by the Party after acceptance .