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    National Gas Association LNG supply: next year will change

        Due to the recent large-scale rain and snow country , making many areas of domestic natural gas supply emergency : Wuhan , Hangzhou partial reduction of gas supply ; Shanganning southwesterly flow of natural gas resources remains slow , due to the impact of the Sichuan gas tank Shanganning arbitrage market by representing large, which leads to increased tensions in Sichuan supply of resources .

        Currently , the main consumer of domestic LNG prices rose significantly. C1 Energy Valuation display , East China, Nov. 5 Yangtze grooving to the price of about 4100 ~ 4300 yuan / ton ; and November 16 , the market price has risen to 4500 ~ 4600 yuan / ton.

        Yesterday, the Secretary-General of China National Gas Association late King in an interview that this is mainly due to the many cities have only one gas source , coupled with the sudden increase in supply , but due to the limited supply pipeline . However, with the LNG market demand and higher prices , gas producers will increase production in the next step , which will play a tight supply appropriate relief. With the opening of the Second West next year , this situation will change.

        Next year , China will import gas pipeline via the Central Asian Turkmen gas , the annual transportation capacity of the pipeline is up to 60 billion cubic meters ; Last month, the first boat Qatar 210,000 cubic meters of LNG delivered to China ; China's southeast coastal LNG project also received gas supply from Indonesia, Australia and other places. Is expected by the end of 2010 , China's imports of liquefied natural gas will increase to 15 million - 18 million tons ; to 2012, annual transportation capacity of crude oil pipeline connecting China and Kazakhstan is approaching 20 million tons .