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    Let turnout warm winter snowmelt device

        Xinhua Henan Channel power to ensure that under normal snowfall turnout conversion equipment , electricity department Zhengzhou rainy day , early hands-on , organized in mid- October last year, the whole paragraph 133 staff turnout snowmelt system to conduct a comprehensive set of "physical " presence timely rectification problems. Turnout work area equipped with snow -related signal device Zhengzhou Railway Station , Zhengzhou East Railway Station, Xuchang , Zhengzhou East station and the motor car , etc., will be included in regular maintenance turnout snowmelt system maintenance program , and "Maintenance Management Measures electricity department Zhengzhou turnout snowmelt means" according to , respectively, to develop their own turnout snowmelt device management rules, the establishment of a turnout snowmelt device management and inspection records of the ledger , the number of devices , use, failure, maintenance of timely registration of built volumes.
        Rail transport in the device , as the electric conversion equipment turnout switch machine is one of the most important equipment, its quality is directly related to the use of the safety and efficiency of rail transport. Under normal temperature conditions , the electric switch machine can be a smooth transition and run, but every now and then in the winter snow , the snow will be sandwiched between the switch rail and basic track . If the snow melt is not timely, it will by rail extrusion forming blocks of snow , so that the electric switch machine can not be converted in place, turnout jam fault occurs , the direct impact of sending and receiving train station and shunting operations, can also cause serious transportation interrupted.

        Turnout snowmelt device on the segment since 2010 , the Zhengzhou Railway Station , Zhengzhou East Railway Station, Xuchang , Zhengzhou East station and the 133 EMU group turnout equipment installed. This device called the RD1 -type electric heating turnout snowmelt system by remote control terminal , the control terminal station , electrical control cabinet, rail temperature sensor , isolation transformers, junction boxes, electric heating elements, power cables and other components , and information channels . Meanwhile, in order to accumulate experience snowmelt , the section from snowmelt system put into use since the equipment on the ambient temperature , start timing , heating time and energy consumption, a detailed record of the late equipment provides an effective use of maintenance data .

        The modular structure of the system was designed with security, data measurement , counting, fault alarm, remote communications and other functions , in addition to the intelligent system modules, also has advanced remote control and monitoring software.

        The system adopted centralized power mode. When the snowy weather , the station attendant first turn on the power switch, so the device into standby mode , and then start the control terminal station via a touch screen , finally transmitted through the cable , start the outdoor electrical control cabinet rail temperature sensor. When the rail temperature sensors collect information after the snowfall and temperature information to the rail , the system will automatically start the default heating program is installed in the basic track or slip inside edge of the mattress heating of electricity , thus the need for heating turnout for heating. When heated , the worker does not have to arrive at the scene by sensing devices outside temperature, humidity and other information to automatically control the heating conditions . When heated bar reaches a certain temperature , the system will automatically cut off the heat , when the snow begins to melt , the conversion will not affect the normal turnout . After the snow stopped, the system will continue to use 15 to 30 minutes before the operator turns off the switch , make sure the water can evaporate completely turnout area .

        Station control terminal also has an emergency operation buttons. When the station control terminal and site control communication network between the cabinet or control cabinet intelligent control module fails, the attendant can not control the turnout snowmelt system startup and shutdown . At this time, due to the control cabinet charged , the attendant can not go on-site operation , the station can only be controlled by controlling the heating emergency operation buttons on the terminal . When the emergency operation of the heating , control cabinet in a non- normal operation . To ensure safety, emergency heating system equipment must be closed after every 4 hours 30 minutes.

        To improve the level of maintenance snowmelt device, the device section of the turnout and the turnout snowmelt conversion equipment while in training and emergency rescue drill range , so that each worker will not only understands the theoretical treatment failure . The segment 's turnout snowmelt system put into use three years, there is no cause for maintenance along the fault occurs, the smooth lines of the spring to make a contribution.