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Qiannan Dushan County LNG / CNG plant project (a)

Item Number


Project Phases

Project Type


Version 1



Main construction phase

Body design phase

Interior fitting stage

The total investment amount

Main construction tender has not yet started

Construction design has begun

This phase NA (non-refined decoration items)

Three hundred ninety million

Stage Notes

As of now (2014-03-24) The project is ongoing construction design, the specific plot No time given.

Project Category



Refineries, gas production plant

No decoration

No elevator


Jian cost / cost (real estate and industrial projects, excluding land, demolition, government taxes and other costs)



Three hundred ninety million

100,098 square meters

Air conditioning

Heating mode

Exterior materials


No air conditioning

No heating mode

No wall decoration materials

No steel

Large-scale projects

Foreign participation

Owner Type



Non-Foreign Investment


2014-03-28 10:02

Procedures progress

Currently (2014-03-24) The project approval procedures have been completed, are waiting Development and Reform Commission.

Purchase of equipment condition

Currently (2014-03-24) Party said it expects the second half of 2014 to develop procurement plans

Project Overview :
The project covers an area of approximately 100,098 square one , include -
■ an LNG 60 × 104Nm3 / d plant
■ Pedestal 1 20 × 104Nm3/dCNG refueling station
■ Receive a gas gate stations
■ overall total investment LNG / CNG processing plant 700 million , phased construction , start a project , the first phase investment of 390 million yuan , the second quarter of 2014, construction bidding .
■ entire LNG / CNG plant project in West Guizhou Department of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Albert Chun Xian Hua Tong New Energy Co., Ltd. joint venture to develop , including four in Dushan modern agricultural demonstration park built a natural gas power plants , accounting for about 200 acres ; build LNG liquefaction plant , day refueling stations , gas stations each one receives the door , covering about 150 acres. Dushan tech industrial park was built in the Automotive Test Center one , covering about 100 acres ; build refueling , LNG filling stations each two , covering about 60 acres.
■ After completion of the project , which can effectively solve the twin problems of security of energy supply in Dushan County , ecological and environmental protection , the promotion of Dushan County, "three synchronous " construction, improve the quality of life of urban and rural residents , to achieve sustainable economic and social development great significance
■ expected procurement of equipment ︰ fire facilities , engine group , level indicator , gas hot water heat lithium bromide group , traffic transmission, centrifugal chillers , compensation, circulating cooling water system equipment, generators isolated phase bus , reservoir gas cylinder , high-pressure power plants were closed box bus , automatic control systems , high-pressure gas desulfurization equipment, chemical raw water pre-heater , high-pressure natural gas dehydration unit depth , economizer water of the preheater, gas compressors , closed water heat exchangers, open water filters, valves, fittings , circuit breakers, disconnectors , zinc oxide surge arresters, current transformers, voltage transformers, main transformer , HV transformer ,
Project duration :
Project Start Date: 2014 third quarter. Project End Date : 2015 third quarter.
As of now ( 2014-03-24 ) The project is ongoing construction design , the specific plot No time given .